World wide Timber trading


The Beechwood Lumber is strictly graded according to NHLA grading rules and followed from knowledged graders. Moreover, it's shipped in containers to wordwide destinations.


Europeans finest hardwood logs are the main sources of certified German and French forest departments. Its quality is controlled based on experience of 40+ years. We provide knowledgeable sourcing and smart shipping solutions.


The wood comes in different sizes depending on individual private use or commercial use of heating. We can proudly claim that our own distribution supplies heat to more than 1000 houses in our regional area

dubai wood show
Visit Us At Dubai Wood Show on 12 March To 14 March

GERMAN BEECHWOOD GmbH is back to Middle East, come and visit us at the woodshow.

We Are Better

Because as a young, incredibly smart and fast developing company, we take care of European forest resources. We are specialised in marketing the most valuable products such as value added edges and trimmed beechwood lumber. Our highlight product is also our resource for firewood products as further developed production waste.

Moreover, we are qualified in sourcing and distributing Europeans finest hardwood logs including the export to worldwide destinations such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.